Monday, November 26, 2007

Shaping a web presence

I've tended to accumulate a web presence, rather than crafting one. Originally just an e-mail address and a few USENET postings, then a personal web page, now social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr, and TripAdvisor. The problem is that I started each with a specific purpose in mind at different times in my life, and they've tended to accumulate lots of contradictory, out-of-date, and (sometimes) embarrassing bits. At the same time, many more people are getting acquainted with me by scanning my sites and following the cross-links and search pointers. The personal bits that float out can be a bit unnerving when someone asks about them in a business meeting.

So, it's time to get some consistency and professionalism, even as I find my voice and purpose here. I shuffled the bits of my web life during a slow meeting today (I was jet lagged after a flight from the US, delayed in Munich by ice, so I doubt whether my bleary mind was capable of much more), and I think I see how they all go together. The marketing people would talk encourage me to think about establishing a brand and reinforcing it with synergies among the sites. But, really? I think I just need to sculpt who I am, now, from the raw materials that are out there.

(Note: 1/2/2008
The personal web site has now been re-launched as a personal hub. View the results here.)

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