Friday, December 7, 2007

And for dessert...

It's been a bit of a food-week, so I will wrap up with a brief post and a picture of one of my favorites, the Bossche Bol.

The Dutch have a soft spot for chocolate, although I haven't found any good native ones.  Belgium, though, has stellar chocolate, so heaven lies just a few hours south, just across the border at Dumon in Brugges (a topic for another day...).

The Bossche Bol is a flaky pastry crust, covered with chocolate, and filled with a light, fluffy white cream filling.  Absolutely wonderful; best done slowly with a really fine coffee, a candle, and a good friend.

So, as the wind howls, the rain blows, and the darkness falls, let's remember summer and some native dessert.

July 10 Porch 2

Bossche Bol exterior Bossche bol interior

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