Saturday, December 29, 2007

Flight and Escape

"How many houses are there on the hill?", she asked soon after her arrival, and Carlos said, "Eight. They are owned four by North Americans, two by English, one by a French, and one by Danes."

"Why have these people come here?"

"Consider this," Carlos said. And from the edge of the terrace where they stood, he embraced the landscape. Consider the sun, the pure air, and the view. Consider the tranquility. These people have abandoned their other lives. Now they have this." He lifted his hand toward scenery in general.

Morgan listened while Carlos, in these words, described flight…

Harriett Doerr, Tiger in the Grass, "The Seasons"


Locate the position of a line that separates escapism and escape,

then describe the meaning of 'flight' in each context...

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