Thursday, December 6, 2007

Foraging for Food (Part 2)

The Albert Heijn Photo Tour, illustrating the prior blog post:

1)  The Produce Counters

AH Produce 1 AH Produce 2

AH Produce Witlof AH Produce & Fruits

2) The Bakery

AH Bread Counter 1 AH Cakes

3) The Cheese Counter

AH Cheese Counter 1 AH Cheese Counter 4

AH Cheese Counter 6 AH Cheese Counter 5

4) The Meat Wall

AH Meat Wall 2 AH Meat Wall 1

5) The entire Bakery Mix section (and, for comparison, the equivalently sized Coffee Milk section)

AH Baking Section AH Coffee Milk rack 

Epilog)  And the Christmas Trees arrived  today, looking like big ears of corn.

AH Christmas Trees

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A Touch of Dutch said...

Thanks for sharing this, Dave! I posted a reply to your comment on my blog today & truly appreciate your input on this. :)