Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Terrorists and Cheese Wheels

I try to keep family and friends updated about life here by posting pictures into albums on Flickr. When there's a nice afternoon, I enjoy wandering around town taking a few snapshots, then posting images that look pleasingly exotic: the town market, the random road art, the tangle of bike paths and roads at major intersections.

One day, I got an e-mail: someone liked my Cheese Wheel photo from the Arnhem market and wanted to use it (under Creative Commons license) for an article that they were writing.

Arnhem Market 11

...'good picture, not my best, but who am I to judge Art?

"...'and how will you use it? A tourist brochure? A guide to the industry? A gourmand cookbook?"

I'm adding photos to a story one of our members posted about potential "terrorism dry runs" in airports where the terrorist reportedly uses wheels of cheese to simulate the weight and texture of certain types of explosives. I'd like to use your cheese photo to help add context to the story.

My vision becomes one of the future, where steely-eyed border guards endlessly compare my name against the "No-Fly" list, diligently searching me for the stray ball of Gouda, sniffer-dog twitching nearby.

But the attribution would only plug me as a photographer, not a source, so the thrill of attribution won out over the fear of Homeland Security. Read the full article here, and share my pride...

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