Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Best Wishes for 2008

In search of New Year's fireworks and celebration, it was off to Brussels for the weekend, having heard of the wonderful light shows, seafood feasts, and Christmas Markets that are part of Europe's Capital. Brux New YearBut a terrorist threat led authorities to curtail the celebrations: the markets were closed by 9 pm, and the fireworks were canceled. Unfortunately, they neglected to tell the people attending, so thousands of people drifted around the city looking for the festivities.

Still, it was a fun two days, and the break really helped me to renew and to approach the new year with my customary mix of hope and innocence.

Hope because, of course, anything is possible. At this time of year, I really believe that dreams can become reality.

I also purposefully choose Innocence, not only Brux New Year 2because we don't know what the future will hold, but even more, because we are still in the state of not having done anything wrong (yet).

Regardless of whether you approach the new year with dreams, resolutions, or resignation, I hope that 2008 opens stimulating opportunities and fulfilling relationships for you, and that your health and enthusiasm for life (maybe even for the expat life) continue undiminished.

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