Friday, February 29, 2008

Flinging on Fridays

I-Fling What is it about otherwise good people that leads then to take a sharp poke at others after a hard day?

I was uncomfortable with my previous comment that it's challenging to slip into a communicating and supportive role when I'm feeling ground down by work or life. But shouldn't it actually be a relief to set the day aside and relax into time with a partner?

Today I called a friend who's been having a difficult week, wanting to listen and give her a chance to ventilate a bit. I knew that she was tired, but was struck by how many provocative things spilled out. In the end, I gave up, but, in retrospect, I wondered why we tend to spread hard times rather than suppress them?

Another friend of mine once commented that it's all too easy to become a poo-magnet in bad times. Is this because we bring it onto ourselves by jumping on others?

It seems to me that the best way to feel better is by letting others lift us, rather than by trying to bring them down to our level. Therefore, be it heretofore resolved that I shall not fling poo on Fridays, no matter how shat the week has been.

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Nick said...

I know it sounds disgustingly saintly, but I hardly ever deliberately provoke other people. I know what it's like to be on the receiving end and I don't want to cause the same upset to others. Tit for tat is not my thing. I think it goes way back to my schooldays when needling and teasing went on relentlessly and I got thoroughly sick of it and vowed not to fall into the same habit. But rest assured, I have plenty of vices as well!

Nick said...

Oh, I love the stress reduction kit btw!

Nekked Lizard Lady said...

Your resolution is a very good one. If I had a No-Fling-Poo Award, I'd give it to you. Life is really very short to be watching poo fly through the air anyway.

Dave Hampton said...

I can only think of one time I ever deliberately went for revenge...tit for tat has never been my style either.

Otherwise, I think it's a case of just being to tired to engage and wanting to carve out some a result, I just push back against wanting to be close.

I'm learning that I should yield, though.