Friday, February 1, 2008

Would you be cut out for the expat life?

  Expat Focus blog points out a BBC survey of expatriate Britons that indicates that they are both happier (90%) and more homesick (76%) than others in the UK.

  The survey mainly reflects opinions of retirees, and cites "British weather" as one main reason for leaving, behind "better quality of life, and the standard and cost of living in the UK".  Among the negatives were "missing family and friends, traditions and culture, and the British sense of humour".

  Most popular destinations were Canada, New Zealand, and Portugal; 60% said that they wouldn't be returning.


chessiakelley said...

No way! I totally thought they would all ship off to Australia! Totally makes sense though, as England can be a bit dreary and the pound definitely goes a lot farther in other countries.

I know its not a perfect solution for homesickness, but I have been working for a company called ooVoo which is a voice/video messaging service that allows up to 6 people to video conference at once. That means the whole fam can communicate on special holidays over long distances for free...did I mention that? or you can just send video messages to anyone's email address which is so much more fun and personal than emails.

happy travels

Dave Hampton said...

A friend of mine in England was guessing that the US, southern France, or Spain would figure more prominently. I'm curious about comparable US figures: I suspect that many retirees would head to Central America or Baja ahead of going to Europe.

For me, it would be nice to trade the house in Seattle for several much smaller cottages, one in Europe, one in the Northwest (Salt Spring Island). I still toy with whether a year of blue-water sailing might be the way to go, too...

Good dreams to dream :) Thanks, enjoy your travels too !

chessiakelley said...

I want a year of blue water sailing! You surely have your priorities in order. I think you are right-most Americans going to Mexico/Central America. My mom really wants to move to the Baja. Happy travels for you too!

Dave Hampton said...

Thanks Chessia: I just cam back from the shores of Spain and Portugal, and I have determnined that I'd much rather be on the water than on the shore (or 10 km back in the mountains!)

I think I'm too much a creature of oceans, forests, and seasons: I've enjoyed visiting Baja, but I wouldn't be able to live in the desert long-term. Probably the best thing for me to do is to house-swap with someone down there every few months :)

chessiakelley said...

Oh my goodness, house swapping is a really good idea. My sister did it for a place in Europe and it worked well. I am so much like you-crave the oceans and forests (pretty much grew up in a lake)-and now I'm living in NYC! Go figure.

Your travels are inspiring and remind me to keep on moving!