Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Americans in Amsterdam (video)

NBC Amsterdam The Today Show is a national, daily American television program with light news and features to help people connect to the world gently as they get up and out the door in the morning.  Their roving correspondent, Matt Lauer, drops into cities around the world, giving people perspectives on other cultures.

This week he visited Amsterdam, Delft, and Leiden, reporting on Dutch tourism, tulips, and lifestyles.  He is married to a Dutch woman, and plunged into elements of the Netherlands (such as the correct style for Jenever-sipping and the quality of Dutch humor) that don't usually appear in video essays.

The clips last a few minutes each and are available from the show's website, along with blogs and essays by the correspondents and crew.  They are fun to watch and cover a range of US cross-cultural perspectives.

I'm on the road to Minneapolis and Seattle for the next week, traveling with a Dutch physician who swears that nobody ever drinks Jenever in the style they use on this program.

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