Monday, June 30, 2008

Dutch humor

One of the things I've come to appreciate about the Dutch is a sly, frontal humor that is obvious once you see it, but easy to overlook.

Herewith, a few examples, popping up around the plant in the waning days of the company:

DSC08819 DSC08820


DSC08830 DSC08835



By explanation (Top left to lower right, as if reading):

  • The company motto, originally with a timeline cut in half, now extended by ten (with a really exceptional research result appended).
  • The executive who delivered the announcement is made the target for the annual cherry-pit spitting contest (Kersenpitverspuuwwedstrijd, never to be found on the Dutch Word of the Day).
  • A bit of venting 'From the Board" on the hallway bulletin board.
  • The last 'Hup for Holland
  • Product line evolution
  • Of course, Dilbert, even here, amidst the news articles
  • And, could the last person out please erase the boards (and vacuum the floors...)

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