Tuesday, June 17, 2008

'not the Dutch I remember...

...but a delightful midsummer evening with a packed house in Arnhem's Korenmarkt square, enjoying their Euro2008 win over Romania.

'Something about numerously drunken Netherlanders lighting orange flares and smoke bombs with every goal, then swaying and singing "We are the champions" en mass at the win, is going to be an endearing and enduring memory.

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A Touch of Dutch said...

I agree :) I enjoy seeing the pride and the happy faces! And the little old ladies on my street who were outside helping their husbands hang up orange flag lines from the lamp posts to their upstairs windows. Priceless!

Dave Hampton said...

It surprised me how hard it was to find orangje gear. We stopped in Venlo on Saturday before the Russian game, and went from store to store where there was nothing. Finally we found a dedicated little shop ont eh edge of the core with "all things orange": he got a shirt and I picked up a had and a string of flags. (They were barely up before they came down, but our heart was in the right place).

Still, in the US, every store would have had something. Here, it seemed very particular: one or two stores and nobody else.