Sunday, June 8, 2008

A few pictures from Alsace

d - Alsace - Sainte Odile 01

On the road visiting parents in Boulder and family in Seattle this week, so I'm logging lots of hours on the plane and catching up as long as the computer battery holds out.

One of the things I wanted to finish was to get the pictures sorted from Strasbourg and Alsace and posted on Flickr.  The region is a thorough mix of France and Germany: the language is French, but the food tends towards a sauerkraut mountain served with five kinds of sausage.  The wines and chateaus in the countryside are very French; the canalside cafe's in Strasbourg are very German.  It's not a large region, and two days exploration driving the Route du Vin gives a good understanding of the area.

And don't miss the storks: the wild birds have been re-introduced into the region, and their nesting frames can be spotted on steeples high above many of the towns.

f3 - Alsace - Ribeauville 6

h - Alsace - Riquewihr 06 h - Alsace - Riquewihr  55

h - Alsace - Riquewihr 18 d - Alsace - Sainte Odile 16

 g - Alsace - Saint Hippolyte 14 i - Alsace - Mittelwiher wine visit 04

g - Alsace - Berghein countryside 03


Textual Healer said...

Must have been a nice trip (storm aside) - we did a similar one down to Emmerich (Lux.) a few years ago. There are several stork's nests in our part of the world. I can think of three or four between Rhenen and Renkum. I think it is a case of providing them with habitat (nesting poles) rather than re-introducing them. They migrate long distances (to Africa) in the winter.

Dave Hampton said...

I think you're right: the friend that I was traveling thought it was really unusual to see the birds, and was thrilled to have tracked down some wild nests. I thought that it was about creating breeding stock across the area again, but it makes more sense that they would be trying to attract them with habitat.