Saturday, June 21, 2008

Nine Lives video through Rome

DSC08646 'Trying something different today: a bit of an exploration of media sharing.

William and I took a long video capture with my Sony Cybershot point-and-shoot camera while we drove on the scooter through the center of Rome. It's about eight minutes long, and is a bit bumpy because of the scooter's engine vibrations and the cobblestones. The audio is live, but mostly wind noises and the occasional bit of back-seat driving directions.

Frankly, I was hanging on tight with knees and one hand, holding the camera over William's shoulder with the other, so there isn't much creativity involved: we just wanted to see how it would come out.

The route starts near the Coliseum along the Via del Fori Imperiali that parallels the Roman Forum, then around the Vittoriano museum, and into Vittorio Emanuele street, headed west. Eventually, we cross the Tiber and into the v.della Conciliazione street, the main way into the Vatican, where we end.

Technically, it's raw footage except for adding a title with MovieMaker 2.1, and saving it in a .WMV format which decreased the size by 2/3. I experimented with saving in different formats using Replay Converter, but most seemed to really degrade the picture quality. The upload to YouTube and embed using Windows Live Writer was pretty straightforward, just following the prompts. In the future, I'd probably fiddle with getting the audio and stability better, and with some geotagging prior to uploading.

Start to end, it's a first try, so don't expect much, but it hopefully works and gives some idea of this means of travel.

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