Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Nieuwersluis and Kasteel Sypesteyn

Over dinner last night, I was asked which region of the Netherlands was my favorite. The villages around the Vechtplassen hold a special charm for me, with picturesque villages and lakes filled with holiday boats, and winding roads along tree-shaded rivers.

I'm starting a two-day round of meetings in Amsterdam this afternoon, so I took advantage of the time to make a leisurely circuit through the ponds region to enjoy the late summer sunshine. The road led around to the village of Nieuwersluis, just north of Breukelen along the Angstel river, and to the Kasteel Sypesteyn, a sculpture garden near Nieuw Loosdrecht.

Here are a few pictures that capture the views and the art: more up on Flickr.

Nieuwersluis 08 Stitch

Nieuwersluis 13 Nieuwersluis 11

I drove on along the riverbanks and country lanes, towards the east, then up and back to the west.

Kasteel Sypesteyn 36

Kasteel Sypesteyn 05 Kasteel Sypesteyn 21

Kasteel Sypesteyn 26 Kasteel Sypesteyn 16

Kasteel Sypesteyn 17 Kasteel Sypesteyn 10

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