Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Sonsbeek sculpture garden

Sonsbeek 2008

One of the nice things about living in Arnhem is the Sonsbeek Park, a wonderful area of woods, meadows, and waterworks adjacent to the city center.  My apartment is located a few steps away from the park, which fills with people, fountains, concerts, and exhibitions each summer.

The park is sponsoring a sculpture show with works by about 30 artists scattered throughout the park.  There's a guidebook and a long trail that leads around the whole exhibition, and I took some time exploring it last week.  Some bits are pretty mundane: disks on the ground, masks, paper statues.  But a number are really clever and intriguing: here is a small gallery.  The show continues through the month and is free.

DSC09162 s.spider

IMG_4166 DSC09148

 DSC09100 IMG_4179IMG_4152  DSC09103


Textual Healer said...

Thanks I shall try to get that. there is also a sculpture show in the arboretum in wageningen over teh summer and a lovely little private sculpture garden in Renkum (am de Rhein by the paper factory) - only open weekends that overlooks the Rhine

Dave Hampton said...

The little guidebook, with notes and background on each sculpture (and a map) is available for 2.50 on Zijpendaalsweg, alongside the park. There's a white gift shop beneath the fluttering gold and while Sonsbeek Grandeur flags.