Monday, September 22, 2008

Naples and Pompeii

Still moving south: staying in Naples and visited the amazing excavations at Pompeii.  The site really has a lot of presence from the people who were there: the streets and ruins really evoke the city and their everyday things are still present in their homes, shops, and squares.  Vesuvius is a dominant presence, both over the ancient ruins and the modern city.

 8 Pompeii 91

 8 Pompeii 958 Pompeii 84 a-Naples Morning


Textual Healer said...

The last photo is a real jewel.

Dave Hampton said...

I just couldn't believe that I was really looking at Vesuvius across the Bay. 'Just amazing. The scientists are saying that another eruption is overdue: I can't imagine what something that big would do to the area if it churned up again.