Thursday, October 9, 2008

Visible signs of the coming of Winter

 old Old 2

The brilliant golden tree in my backyard is fading day by day…

But it is a beautiful autumn in Arnhem so far.  The gallery below gives some idea.

  The river pictures are from the Rijnkade, an area of restaurants along the Neder Rijn in downtown Arnhem.

  The tower is the Eusebius Church which dominates the skyline here. 

  The arched bridge is the rebuilt “Bridge Too Far” (the movie has been playing nightly on UPC this week, perhaps commemorating the anniversary of Operation Market Garden (Sept 17 – Sept 25 1944).


DSC02192 DSC02195DSC02194    DSC02193DSC02200 DSC02203DSC02202 DSC02204

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