Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Moving Day: 3 / 3

Apt 12The realtor and landlady had moved on, leaving a few hours of quiet before the movers arrived.  My strategy is always to take a quick ‘daily living’ inventory: as I go through my imagined, typical day, what would I reach for that is missing?  The “Ikea List” starts to take form: a worktable for an empty corner, some drawers for the bedroom, a laundry hamper and a bit of shelving for  the bathroom.  Rearrange things in the cupboards to make space for food; move all of the bedding and towels out of the bedroom to make room for clothes.

Apt 11 Apt 13

At sunset the movers arrived, squeezed into the bikepath, and started dragging everything upstairs.  A chaos of boxes quickly accumulated…

Apt 16

I always start by finding who’s in charge and getting things organized.  In this case, the strategy was to get boxes into the appropriate rooms, get things out of them, and get the packing material out of the apartment.  Order emerged.

Apt 17 Apt 18

The guys did a great job, and, after they left, the real work of finding places for everything continued long into the night.  By morning, recognizable outlines of a new home had begun to emerge.

Apt 20 Apt 22

Apt 19This will take time to complete, but I think I’m going to enjoy the new environment.  The river was misted over this morning, steaming placid and cold…its going to be a whole personality to learn, along with the rhythms of the streets and the habits of the new neighbors.

But it’s so good to be moved ahead in life, finally.


Unknown said...

Wow, great photos too! I hope your new arrangements all fall quickly into place so you can begin to quickly enjoy the new things around you :-)

Dave Hampton said...

I signed up for language classes today and am joining a fitness center tonight... 'finding all of the local resources one by one. I'd forgotten how many things have to be assembled to make a full life.

Thanks for checking in!

Unknown said...

Wow! What a great addition to the new start! Will be cool to hear how the language classes go, so keep it updated ;-)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Dave Hampton said...

A very happy Thanksgiving to you as well: I've been following all of yor recipes and preparations on your blog, and it sound stellar!