Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Knocking snow off the rhodies

a-Rhodie_snow 5 Everyone jumped when there were a series of thumps and thuds next to the house this morning.  One of the rhododendron trees had fallen over under the weight of the snow, now sprawled across the rear door. 

This kicks off the quintessential Pacific Northwest winter task, knocking snow off the landscaping.  The magnolia tree and the rhododendron bushes suffer more than the evergreens.  The taller trees tend to just droop, finally allowing the snow to slide off.  The bushes wither in the cold, but try to stay erect.  Eventually the branches break off.

a-Rhodie_snow 1 a-Rhodie_snow 2

The only solution is to take a broom and wade into the snow, whacking up from the bottom or out from the trunk.  Unfortunately, there’s no way to relieve the upper branches except to get in and shake the tree, dropping about a foot of snow down on myself.

a-Rhodie_snow 4 a-Rhodie_snow 3

a-Rhodie_snow 8And, of course, by morning, it all has to be done again…

The governor has declared a winter emergency as we break the snow records here in the lowlands…everyone is starting to look a bit weary from the weather.  My favorite was the dilapidated state of the tent at the local Christmas Tree seller.a-weary xmas

For myself, I’ve broken out the eggnog and the rum and have settled in for a warm and comfortable Christmas Eve.  Best wishes for a warm and happy holiday to everyone!

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