Monday, December 8, 2008

The Koln Christmas Market

‘back on the road again, passing through the airports at Schiphol (left) and Terminal 5 (right).  The decorations seem muted: Delft-inspired hangings in Amsterdam and a few forlorn trees in London.

DSC04256 DSC04265

No doubt, for the season’s spirit, you have to go to Koln.

DSC04155 Stitch

DSC04195 DSC04081

 DSC03993 Stitch


DSC04058 DSC04061

DSC04048 DSC04053

DSC04233 Stitch

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Unknown said...

Köln looks so beautiful! Thanks for sharing this! Great photos :-) Definitely puts me in the mood to go this weekend to some Christmas market in Germany.. Not sure right now which one we're going to.