Saturday, January 31, 2009

The business to have in tough times

The signs of a worsening economy are everywhere along the retail streets of Maastricht.  Post-christmas sales (Korting 30%) have now given way to much deeper clearance sales.


Still, times are flush and waiting lines of patrons stretch out into the cold winter streets at the Wafel shops across the town.

DSC05355 DSC05359 DSC05360These are small storefronts that cook Belgian Waffles, adding with powdered sugar, fruit preserves, or chocolate and handing them out in white butcher paper. They cost about a euro for a big warm rectangle, and are the best thing going when I’m out to return a movie or pick up a few sundries before heading, with everyone else, back across the stone bridge late in the evening.



Patti said...

You inspired me to make waffles for breakfast. With strawberries, cherries, and blueberries from the freezer (handpicked by me, of course). Mmmm.

Dave Hampton said...

That's one thing that people don't do much here...they are great gardeners, but I haven't seen them freezing produce for the cold months. They might put it up in jars or preserves...

Okay, I went up the hall and asked.

The consensus was that only older people (70+) seriously garden for food, and they put it up in jars. The other group that gardens vegetables are the less well-off folks living in high rises; they have small gardens with a shed on communal plots at the city's edge. They say it doubles as a vacation retreat in teh summer.