Saturday, January 24, 2009

Saturday around town

‘nice to be back off the road…it was a short trip but with a lot of stops.  The 16 hour trip back on the plane didn’t help, and there was an absolutely stationary queue of traffic waiting for me on the ring road around Eindhoven and south towards Maastricht.  I wish I had a way to gauge the length of these jams, but after spending an hour to make ten km progress, I angled off to Venlo to get around it.

Maastricht Jan Saturday 09 Maastricht Jan Saturday 51

It’s nice to let go of a long trip with some simpler, grounded activity closer to home.  Maastricht is a wonderful city for walking, with lots of twisted old streets and big public squares.  I’m still discovering nooks and notches in my new town: today’s find was a traditional bakery still grinding it’s flour by water wheel.  There was also time for exploring St. Servaas church, dating back more than a thousand years.

Maastricht Jan Saturday 31 Maastricht Jan Saturday 25

Maastricht Jan Saturday 24 Maastricht Jan Saturday 27

Traditional green, yellow, and red decorations have started to appear in anticipation of Carnival, still a month away at February 22-24.    Shops are selling masks and costumes, and floats are starting to take shape in scattered workshops.  This isn’t a celebration that I remember from Arnhem, but clearly one that will be a big event here in the South.

Maastricht Jan Saturday 10 Maastricht Jan Saturday 11

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Nan said...

Haven't been to Maastricht, but hope to make it before I leave. I thought about going for Carnival, but it's probably too late to book a hotel room. Will you partake in the festivities?

Patti said...

How lovely! My walk yesterday was only 14 blocks round trip. To pick up Mexican take out. That's as far as I go in 7 (F) degrees. Your pictures are stunning.

Dave Hampton said...

Nan, if you get down this way, I'd be happy to pass along some ideas for things to see or do: feel free to write. The Van der Walk still shows rooms available. I've got guests coming through and we'll be out there :)

Patti, given your weather, 14 blocks is no small feat! That's the kind of weather where I'm combining errands and making an expedition out of it. 'hope things improve soon!