Monday, January 5, 2009

Snow in Seattle: so goes Maastricht

DSC04803I’m beginning to think the curse follows me.

Dutch weather often parallels the weather in Seattle.  Both locations are maritime regions at low elevation, leading to eerily similar daily temperatures and precipitation.  Still, I hoped for a winter divergence after two brutal weeks of snow in Seattle, believing that the Netherlands would be warmer and drier.

And it was.  At least, it was until this morning.

The first hint of trouble was the brightness of the sky at 2 am: the glow usually heralding fresh snow.  By daylight, it was snowing hard and by mid-morning three inches had accumulated.

DSC04776 DSC04799

It makes for beautiful panoramas and treacherous cobblestones.  Characteristically, the Dutch soldiered on with their bicycles and opened umbrellas. Businesses opened slowly, if at all; the roads are empty.

It’s a good day to work from home, venturing out for groceries and a few pictures to share --

DSC04824 Stitch


DSC04806 DSC04811

DSC04830 Stitch


Unknown said...

These are excellent photos! Welcome back!

Dave Hampton said...

Thanks; 'nice to be back here. I've genuinely missed it all: keeping up with all of the food and festivities by reading about it on blogs only made me want to hurry back!

Stefano said...

Hi..these are really great photos!..I spent my Erasmus period in Maastricht last year so I love everything of that lovely city!..but I'm a bit disappinted because when I was there it didn't snow!!!..and in seeing your photos I realize that I missed a wonderful white world!;)

Dave Hampton said...

Hi, Stefano; thanks for checking in! The move to Maastricht has been a good one. I was hesitant about moving south, but have found a lot to like in the city. You're right: The snow really fits the season. I've set my computer in the front window to enjoy the changing views as the snow somes and goes.