Saturday, March 21, 2009

A last look back at TEFAF

DSC06719I’m still on the road, approaching Oklahoma today, but with a few bits of miscellany to post before I archive the Euro Fine Art Fair photos.  I’ve touched on the modern and masterwork collections, which make up the bulk of the exhibits.  Today I wanted to show a few bits from of the smaller specialty collections.


  • Antiquities:

These exhibitors handle Greek, Roman, and Egyptian statues, coins, and carvings. It’s all very Indiana Jones, and surprising to see the stone for sale.  These are the sorts of things that trigger ownership and heritage disputes between nations, and I wouldn’t think that private collectors would want to take the risks.

   DSC06695 DSC06696DSC06697

  • Collectables

Some of the more unusual rooms had themed sets items, like worked metal weapons (left) or antique door-knockers (right).  And, of course, the Dutch vendors with lovely Delft plates and figurines.


  • Period Rooms 

There are a number of French, English, and Italian rooms that hold glass, furniture, and knick-knacks (I’m sure there’s a  better collector’s term for the bits of gold that sit on side tables).  They were interesting, but I really liked the Clocks, Barometers, and Instruments collections best.  The gold and brass artifacts are a wonderful synthesis of art and engineering in great variety: no two alike.  My parents used to collect antique clocks when I was growing up, and there were always interesting designs hanging around the house.  It’s something that I could easily be tempted into again.


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