Monday, April 6, 2009

In search of Drielanden

map-drielandenpuntThere is a mythical point on ancient maps called Drielandenpunt, where three great empires touch at a single point near the misty city of Vaals.  It has the further distinction of being the highest point in the kingdom of Nederland, over 300 nose-bleeding meters above the zeespiegel water mark.

And so, on a slow spring Sunday, I went in search of…

…adventure, within a few kilometers of home. In the United States, there is a spot where Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico meet (the Four Corners Monument).  Drielandenpunt is a similar idea, a cross-cultural theme park atop a 20 km hill east of Maastricht (It’s not at all clear why it should be at the summit, but okay…) .

Drielandenpunt 15Drielandenpunt 04 

It seems straightforward, the logo shows a set of three monoliths and the guide-map has a rifle barrel pointing to the spot. ‘couldn’t be easier?

The first likely marker turned out to be the highest point in the Netherlands.

 Drielandenpunt 05 Drielandenpunt 06

The second turned out to be a mysterious Belgian monument

Drielandenpunt 09

The third, a spindle near the restaurant, seemed promising, but was a false lead.

DSC07232 Drielandenpunt 08

The on-site VVV suggested it was near the flags, left of the German observation tower.

Drielandenpunt 31In the end, I’m not sure that the actual Drie- ever turned up.  The Tower, however. is an interesting study, in a Berlin Wall sort of way (there is barbed wire around the first level…).  A 3-euro ride to the top deposits passengers onto a vertiginous grating with more razor wire and a wonderful panoramic views that made up for the lack of a Punt to the whole exercise.

Drielandenpunt 14Drielandenpunt 19Drielandenpunt 28

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