Saturday, April 25, 2009

On the road (again)

Marriott Bay Pointe 16 The postings this week will be a bit sparse, I’m sorry.  I’m attending a four-day conference in the US that is notable both for quality and intensity.  A typical 8 am to 10 pm day has only a single 2-hour break mid-afternoon, not enough to keep up with the stream of thoughts that I want to reflect into blog entries.

I’ll catch up in the coming days: there is a lot going on as I make a  transition to Plan B: hopefully developing a longer term opportunity to continue to work in the Netherlands but without the expat umbrella.  As you can imagine, this is triggering a flurry of activity with lawyers, accountants, HR people, and Dutch authorities that is making me realize how superficial my thinking has been about the process. Not wrong, just naive in spots.  There will be advice to pass along and questions to discuss.

And those will be stories for another day…

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