Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Remarkable Tuesday

Looking off towards the positive side of life as the week gets rolling:
  1. The 50 km per hour sailing record was broken last month by a remarkable craft called a Hydroptere. It's impressive, a large hydrofoil with grinders stationed out on each wing to adjust the sails. The video looks intense: I once wanted to try to sail a twin-trapeze 49er and thought that it would be a similar rush across the water, albeit on a much smaller scale.
  2. A friend directed me to a local realty site for renters, and I have to admit that there are far more apartments available in Maastricht than I had thought. I'm clearly not going to save any money if I want any combination of view, style, and ambience, and there are a lot of miserable student digs. But the inventory seems to have lots of variety in my geographic area, so there's hope.
  3. I was inspired to try some Dutch cooking this week, and pulled down a recipe for gehaktbal. This meatball is 100 grams, almost a quarter-pound of ground meat all by itself. Gehakt is a combination of spices, unique to me, but gives a good hearty flavor like an American meatloaf (missing catsup and onions, though). It's a hugely messy dish to make: I was up to my elbows kneading together a kilo of ground beef and pork, eggs, milk, and bread crumbs. I got slippery enough that a bottle of wine slipped out of my hands, leading to still more cleanup. There's also an unholy amount off butter involved: the recipe recommends making a gravy out of the stock, but it's just too oily for that. Still, the dish came out wonderfully and made enough for three dinners.
Okay, a grant request turned in for a UK Technology Competition today, a proposal sent off to an orthopedic group for a new remote monitoring idea, and an IP landscape complete. Off to the UK tomorrow for a review of an earlier grant proposal, now up for funding, and then on to the US Monday for a site visit and business planning review.

 All of the bits seem to be coming together, on time, on task.


Marco said...

Please, give me one reason why you couldn't include onions in the recipe. My mother chops them and uses it in the mixing.
It's delicious.

Marco (Dutchie)

Dave Hampton said...

That sounds really good; I'll give it a try. I dont' want to get it too US-style, so will leave out the tomato-seasonings.

Can I serve it with Guinness: 250 remarkable years of brewing?