Saturday, November 28, 2009

Lights, music, and Gluhwein

The Maasticht Christmas Market opened today at the Vrijthof Square; despite a steady drizzle the town was out for the colorful opening.

Everything was in it’s familiar place: the faux-garden for hot spiced wine, the shop filled with holiday trimmings, the german sausage stand, the SkyWheel.  There were new collectable cups (and I did, above), a couple of new fiber optic decorations (below, left), but most was comfortable and familiar.  Such is the stuff of tradition.


patti said...

Beautiful pictures! We're skipping Christmas again, in favor of a Hannuka celebration (in a non Jewish way).

Dave Hampton said...

'Sounds like fun: Christmas is an extended holiday here. The kids get their gifts on the 5th, while the main holiday takes place on the 25th, and the Markets stay up through the 1st.