Sunday, November 8, 2009

Scenes from Sunday morning

DSC08857The garlands have appeared over the city streets; the stores have begun to open early (and will every Sunday through December) as the shopping season begins.  Some people are even still huddled in  the outdoor cafes.

DSC08856The ducks are taking an early paddle, absent the barge traffic on the weekdays.




The Vrijthof Square has been blocked off to prepare the Christmas Village: the vendors are getting set up early around it.



And the streets are filling with people, although,  sadly, the buskers still can’t get a break..



Anonymous said...

I like the garlands! They add a lovely bit of green!

Some of the lights started going up here last week or so, but I think they're all up now. It was dark enough late yesterday morning that some of the lights were still on.

Dave Hampton said...

Thanks for checking in! I think the full market will be up by mid-month here: they seem to be in a rush to get going. In the US, there's barely a sign of the holidays yet in airports or malls.