Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Scenes around Seattle

There’s always a lot of racing around town before Christmas finally arrived: shopping for food, visiting friends, picking out presents.  But I also enjoy the chance to revisit the familiar landmarks:

The Space Needle.

The floating bridge over Lake Washington.

A sort-of Christmas Market replica at the local shopping mall.

A local food store for homesick British expats (Puddings, but no hard sauce!).


Our village, Woodinville, is experimenting with roundabouts to speed traffic flows.  These are still rare in the US, so it takes a lot of signage and barriers to coax people into going the right direction, and a wide apron in case they stray. 

Sadly, though, no road art.

I think that there is a contradiction that US drivers will struggle with.  Normally, I yield to drivers on the right at a 4-way stop.  But here, I yield to the upstream driver, the one on the left.

However, I was pleased to find the familiar “Teeth in the Road”, all the way from the Netherlands, reminding me to yield before entering the circle…

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