Saturday, August 29, 2009

‘been a busy month…

I was counting the days that I've been away, and I think I've hit a new low of being in the Netherlands only about a quarter of the month of August. Family travel, medical transitions, business meetings, even the occasional vacation day has kept me busy and off-line. Duriing the dog days of summer, it's not a bad thing: I needed the break after navigating all of life's recent changes. And the outcomes have all been good: note the two feet, both flat on the ground. A big change, if you knew me before.

It hasn't been easy to keep in touch with the blog: especially since I'm struggling with a few computer problems. Live Writer has mysteriously quit working, and Microsoft is still sifting logs and escalating the problem. In the meantime, I can't upload pictures easily and the formatting has gone to pot. I'm also beset with a sudden squall of Blue Screens caused by a recent Vista upgrade: Microsoft promises a solution real soon.

And the IRS is sending me purple notices saying that "Your entity has defaulted to the category for which you have already qualified under your entity classification. Since the entity election is already its default classification, filing the Form 8832 is unnecessary: your business is classified as a Disregarded Entity." Ummm, thanks? Especially since they enclosed my original Form 8832 along with a pre-paid, pre-addressed return envelope.

But it's a sunny day, warm breezes, and I can't complain. Especially not from two feet.