Sunday, January 17, 2010

Views along the Norfolk coast

I spent the weekend recharging along the coast north off Great Yarmouth, east of the Norfolk Broads.  It’s both bleak and embracing in winter. Gunmetal blue roads reflect a clear sky, muddy waves stroke a deserted beach, spidery branches burst from ivy-covered tree trunks.  It’s a quiet spot to listen to the wind, to curl up with a beer in the pub, and to make sense of the crowded week just past.

DSC09835 Stitch

DSC09792 Stitch



Brek said...

2 thumbs up! There's just something about a place that is bleak and wide-open that is both welcoming and refreshing. Your coastal pictures are amazing...especially the one with the rocks!

tay said...

beautiful and minimal,the landscape from the perspective of an introvert, or the antidote to kerstmarkten?

Dave Hampton said...

Thanks, Brek, it was a beautiful day out and I was trying to take advantage of the great light and the contrast with the clouds. Lucky timing.

Tay, I plead 'antidote': two days and a good night's sleep dried out my over-socialized affect. I actually expected more people on a Sunday to see the seals, but the animals were nowhere to be found, so I had the beach to myself.