Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Here today, gone tomorrow…

…the snow, the cold,

and, now, the Carnivale camel as well.

It’s been a busy week: I’ve been buried in writing all day, then off to dinner meetings three nights running.  Not a good environment for keeping up with blogs and social networks.

It’s been icy cold here too, miserable for scooting around on the bike.  I’m bundling layers, but the lock is starting to stick and the cobblestones are getting slippery.  Last night the sleet started on the way to dinner and had accumulated to about a centimeter when I started home at 11.

The ride wasn’t bad: the snow was criss-crossed with winding bike trails and there were warm clusters of yellow lights marking other riders along the bike paths.  

The snow was gone by morning; easier to get out and do the shopping before the next storms arrive this weekend.

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