Saturday, February 20, 2010

Back in the Netherlands

DSC00310I’ve returned from a quick road trip to England, where I was doing an assessment of students in the Medical Devices course back in Cambridge.  Weather was very cold across the channel, scarcely rising above freezing most days and coating walkways with frozen sleet overnight.  Still, it was fun seeing how the students  developed business proposals from basic concept ideas and engaging in spirited debates about the practicality of their plans.


Carnivale has been rolled up in my absence: the decorations are down, the hurricane shutters have been removed from store windows, and pedestrians are once again dressed in traditional shades of grey.  There have been lots of good pictures and stories from the event posted among fellow expat-bloggers, and I’ve enjoyed reading all of the different perspectives.

There’s a long road ahead with work this week, but I’m looking forward to getting back onto a more regular daily schedule.  The days are starting to become noticeably longer and there was a hint of rising temperatures in the air today (despite the falling government).   ‘Hopefully an omen of a thoughtful and productive period ahead..

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