Saturday, February 13, 2010

Carnivale weekend begins

Carnivale takes off this weekend; the efffigy of the farmer’s wife will be raised tomorrow noon in the Vrijthof Square signaling the beginning of the celebration.  Bands are marching over the icy stone bridge every hour, brass-bleats and drum-thumps through the clear cold air.

I was taking pictures of the decorations and one reveler jumped in front for a quick pose.  Behind him, a police van rounds the corner with four youth already arrested for disorderly conduct (a bit after noon).

Ah, Carnivale.  It makes February bearable.

The decorations are up, the children are out, the costumes are appearing, the bier and oliebollen stands are set up along the streets and in the squares.  It should be a fun party.


Amanda said...

Great photos. Dan & I went out to try and see the "transfer of power" on the Markt square after the Great Prince arrived, but they didn't do it outside. Pity.

Dave Hampton said...

Hi, Amanda, you are posting some really good pictures too: it seems like we hit different parts of twon, so it's fun to see your shots.

They are stopping poeple from getting into the Vrijthof if they have drinks, cans, bottles, pets...'first time I've seen them watch it this closely. The music and costumes are warming up fast, though: it looks like a fun year (again!)