Thursday, February 25, 2010

Just Be….

Holland (2) …Playful, edgy, fabulous, real, trendy, happy: Holland.

It’s a new promotional campaign, not for the Netherlands, but for the two Dutch provinces of North and South Holland.  Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and the Hague are part of the campaign.

Weekly prize drawings that highlight various “authentic Holland” themes have been running throughout February, awarding, for example, a  Batavus Dutch bicycle or a fresh bouquet of tulips, delivered monthly for a year. 

Lest you question the authenticity of the prizes, you can submit a truly representative photo into the grand prize contest before March 4th.  They will give away two round-trip business class tickets and a four-night stay in Amsterdam, so, it’s worth polishing up a few Carnivale and canal pictures and  having a go.

“Holland is a place where you can truly be yourself”, is the line…I’m already racing through the (many) edgy possibilities.

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