Sunday, March 21, 2010

Winding down Sunday

The day dawned warm dark and rainy today, so there wasn’t a good reason to get up at 7 am.

Instead, there was a simple, leisurely breakfast, then catching up with some reading, writing a couple of notes to friends.  A close Dutch friend celebrated her birthday yesterday, so we shared lunch today to wish her well and to catch up on stories and pictures from their recent vacation.  Their son was playing in a band in-town during the afternoon, so we all went in for music and conversation (and a couple of beertje’s). (Click the picture for video).

Almost like normal life,  a relaxed and aimless day.  As a Sunday should be.


A link for the day: researchers are teaching computers to understand stories by exposing them to annotated blogs.  We tried to do this ten years ago, teaching computers to parse and classify medical narratives as paramedics handed patients off to emergency room physicians.  These experiments are much more general, but directed towards data mining instead of narrative comprehension.

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