Friday, April 16, 2010

It’s beginning to feel a lot like a Friday

Flight Disruptions

Some days go better than others.

I thought that things were coming together pretty well.  Apartments located, car selected, lease arrangements in hand, headed out of the country to give a talk at a nice resort.

By afternoon, my present landlord relayed that we had a contract and I couldn’t move until June 1, the auto lease group emailed that they would like 20% down on a car because the business hadn’t been operating for long enough, and the volcanic ash  terminated my flight from Schiphol.  I was rebooked for Sunday afternoon, with an overnight layover in New York and a 6 am flight from Laguardia.

Still, lucky to be getting out at all.  Yes, both the lease and the country.

The scroll at the BBC has filled with bulleted text that resemble war dispatches.

1745 Mick in Folkestone says: I just went out in the garden and you can smell sulphur in the air

1641 Nats to make further announcement at 2030BST about plans for UK airspace on Saturday.

1500 Hungary is planning to close its airspace for 24 hours from 1700 GMT, the country's national transport authority says.

1439 Eurocontrol's Brian Flynn warns of significant disruption again on Saturday.

1311 Just like Bjork, volcano ash is a typically Icelandic export: awesome at first, but gets boring rather quickly

and my favorite

1646 Iceland's volcanic eruption, if it sets off the nearby, much larger Katla volcano, could continue for more than a year, prompting long-term flights chaos.

Under the circumstances, it seems like a good opportunity to kick back, grab a good book, and chill.  Life has been way too hectic of late, and this could be just the heaven-sent (enforced) break I need.

Hoping for sunshine tomorrow…

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