Thursday, April 22, 2010

On the road again

Flights were leaving from Schiphol yesterday; I took the train north to catch my mid-afternoon flight and made it over without incident.  There were more police around the check-in areas and they had walled off the ticket counters, passengers had to go outside then back in through a single entrance.  Crowd control I suppose.  But things were on-time and low-key – we flew too far south to see the volcano but the air layers were the usual translucent blue rather than ash-grey.

I dropped into ABQ SunriseAlbuquerque at  sundown amidst towering purple and gold clouds from a weather system causing tornadoes in Texas.  The colors here are amazing; I’m going to enjoy taking it all in during my first visit here.  There was snow in the mountains last night and a bite in the air this morning, unexpected when I come this far south.  But at over 6000 feet I guess it’s not surprising.

Two days of meetings ahead and a side trip to Santa Fe before headed back to Europe.


Anonymous said...

Santa Fe is my favorite place. Try the Chocolate Maven for breakfast or lunch. You will not regret it. A margarita on the deck of the Inn of the Anasazi or paella and sangria at El Meson.

Invader_Stu said...

I have a flight to look forward to on Monday. It's good to hear things are getting back to normal.

Dave Hampton said...

Thanks for the recommendation; I'll look for the Chocolate place when I'm there.

Best of luck with the flight Stu; I'm headed back tuesday. Does this mean that you'll miss Queen's Day this year?

Dave Hampton said...

I found the Inn of the Anasazi and that was nice. The hotel pointed out the Chocolate place, but it was too far to get to without a car. Next time...I really liked the city and will definitely return. Many thanks for the recommendations!