Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Opening Stone Bridge West

DSC09839 …or maybe it’s SB Central relative to the Maastricht and Seattle HQs.

  In any case, it would seem to be Barrington.

Half of my current business centers in the UK.  The costs of being a working visitor, including monthly transportation, lodging, and meals, are becoming prohibitive, so I been looking for an inexpensive semi-furnished flat near Cambridge.  The University accommodations office did a wonderful job of suggesting some alternatives, and this was the best of the bunch.

Barrington is a tiny village 10 km southwest of Cambridge.  The community is spread out along a large green (presently occupied by a bouncy castle), and consists of a big church, a gastro-pub (the Royal Oak), a small general store and post office, a bunch of thatched cottages, and a village hall.   The neighboors seem nice, mostly retired and on a first name basis with one another (and mostly Conservative <sigh>)


The flat is a tiny two-story with a narrow garden, fronting on green space front and back.  It should be a good (quiet) place to work; unfortunately only broadcast TV and low-speed DSL is available until cable services reach the region next year.

The road to my working associates in Cambridge and Saffron-Walden leads through rolling countryside and exquisite villages, green fields of brown livestock and yellow flax dotted by radio astronomy arrays.  It’s going to be great bicycling territory; no bike paths, but lots of lovely country roads.


This location is intended to be a practical supplement to the downscaled apartment in Maastricht, an economical way to manage the ongoing research projects in Cambridge for the coming year.  My primary residence remains in the Netherlands and most of my writings will still center there, but its a milestone getting the Cambridge offices open.


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