Thursday, June 24, 2010

It’s alles over Beesie


(Het is allemaal over Bessie)

It started out fairly innocently.

‘just a new promotion at my local AH grocer, supporting the Dutch team at the World Cup (Hup!).  The little furry beesie was kind of cute in a way…I got one for every 15 euros I spent on groceries, and collected all four colors in a couple of days.    They curl around lamps and chair backs, and were a nice accent around the apartment for the party last week.

But they’ve taken on a life of their own.

Bessie No bag of groceries is safe, and beesie started to metastasize across my apartment, colonizing every rail, pole, and rung.  The big BESSIE-BOA was next: A gift for my daughter, but clearly queen of the brood once she moved in.

Soon, the trouble became reminiscent of …tribbles Of course, they have a Facebook group, they are on LinkedIn, they want my personal information (only Basic and Profile, nothing more, promise…) Bessie fb

At least they’re not on Wikipedia.  Yet.

Utrecht’s Flamingo points to a Flickr group devoted to people’s Bessie photos.  I threatened Invader Stu that I would see to it that two new colors were released and the promotion extended if he didn’t return summer to the Netherlands.  I don’t think he’ll cave, unfortunately (sorry, Holland, I tried…).

DSC00726I have taken to stuffing them into my suitcase to give to friends and family when I travel.  This is akin to spreading disease via long-haul flights.  The BOA, in particular, seems to have found her best friend in my hotel room this morning.

‘not a good sign…


Invader_Stu said...

Oh but you do not realise that you are playing right into my hands. I'm trying to build an army of the little things so the more I get the better.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear. Summer actually has been returned to the Netherlands, so that must mean Stu has his army now! Beware! Run for the hills! Wait! There are no hills here! Ahhhhhh!

They really do multiply. In fact, I think they're trying to eat my cat. I'd better try to save her. Wish me luck! ;)

Dave Hampton said...

I bought a big package of the commemorative football M&M's to put me over the 15 euro threshold to my first beesie. I brought them along with me to Seattle, but the five beesies have just about finished them off. I'm not sure what they turn to if (when) they get hungry...

'returning to the Netherlands on Tuesday, hopefully ahead of the problem (it's already turned cold and rainy here since my arrival)