Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Coming together

DSC00403 I spend about half of each day working this week, the other half unpacking, shopping, arranging, pulling together the new apartment.  It’s a challenge to move the goods in and the recyclables out each day; I’m learning to balance things on the bicycle to a degree that no American would normally do.

It’s going well, though.  Each day I feel a bit more settled, each day brings more familiarity with the moods and rhythms of the neighborhood.  A camera is still a good way to get to know the territory, learning the sights and light around me and finding the unusual and interesting pieces of the new neighborhood.

DSC00339 Stitch DSC00349  DSC00370DSC00355  DSC00350 DSC00338  DSC00346 DSC00356 Stitch

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