Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Inside / Outside

foam2 ‘feeling a little bit punk today: I’ve been working pretty much straight through for a week, finishing everything on my URGENT! list.  Now I’m into neglected things, catching up on old emails, and branding.

Refining the purpose and public face of the business, the brand, is long overdue.  During the past year, I’ve been trying to build a solid structural foundation while multiplying a palette of good contacts and opportunities.  The result is a bit foamy: lots of Protein_Crystal_Malic_Enzymeideas, alliances, and odd collectables that fill the Remote Monitoring space, but without much holding them together.  I  need to get to something more crystalline: solidly connected pieces that form a glistening whole.

In part, this means organizing and focusing the website and getting some dynamic content going.  I’d like to have a news feed and a blog, with links to the company’s LinkedIn and Facebook pages.  Content is easy to create and, within an environment like Facebook, easy to publish and connect with.  Cross-platform, Facebook to Twitter, Status to Blog, News to scrolling subwindow, is just awful: total lack of means and tools.  In Unix, we built simple apps out of pipes connecting processes, the OS was designed with good interfaces.

Not so in NetWorld.Social Media Fortunately, Kesselskade has a stream of light (and human) diversions playing out beyond my window to keep things sane.

DSC01044A couple of weeks ago, a student jazz ensemble set up across the street and started a concert.  The police closed them down after an hour for not having a permit, but it was spontaneous and fun while it lasted.


DSC01243 Last night, a reception played along the waterfront all evening.  Coloured lights, bagpipe music, ethereral women on stilts filled the patios. Busses dropped off loads of people, photographers dashed around, and a quite good stage band played until late evening.  The police kept their distance.

Somehow, it all fits, and makes for a good summer’s day.

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