Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cambridge county fair

Okay, it’s got Lardy Cakes and Perry Drinks instead of fried beer and cider, but there’s still lots that’s familiar in the fall festival now sprawled across Parker’s Piece in Cambridge.

When the kids were growing up, we’d attend the big Puyallup or Evergreen State Fairs each fall.  The animal barns were always their favorites, lines of immaculately groomed cows, pigs, chickens, and rabbits.  The UK equivalent has smaller cages with bunnies and hens, but still fascinating to the toddlers.

The local 4H clubs would judge of everything from canned goods to baked items, flower arrangements to photographs.  A smaller array, just as earnestly judged, fills a nearby tent.  The judges taste, poke, and issue certificates: as in the US, everyone is a winner.

There are vendors selling all sorts of handicrafts and foods, the decorations have more flair here and the bottles and jars come from more exotic locations.  However, it doesn’t make up for the loss of the guys with the kitchen knives, carving vegetables and creating salads to the rhythm of his own voice.


And, of course, rides for the kids.  I really like this new variant.

…and Cambridge being Cambridge, there have to be some geek-friendly spaces as well.



Ladybird... and butterfly said...

Hahaha this is so cool, I saw it on the BBC the otherday, Some kind of baking contest. Looking like this, with the tent's and all. So it wasn't made up...this actually happens in the UK. Thanks for sharing, great post even better pictures!

Dave Hampton said...

Hi, and thanks! It was sort of a miniature version of the big ones, all the parts were there, but the details were just a bit skewed. Made for a nice afternoon though!