Thursday, September 30, 2010

Scenes from Portrush

‘Enjoying a few days of remarkably sunny weather along the north Irish coast.  It’s a beautiful area and a good chance to explore both the new geography and some new ideas.

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Portrush Ireland 15

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Portrush Ireland 08


Unknown said...

Wow, you were blessed with some gorgeous weather during your visit! Great photos!

Dave Hampton said...

Thanks,Isabella! Exceptionally nice, it was a real surprise. I dressed for wind rain, and cold and we had three days of sunny cool weather. It made for wonderful colors along the coast and at the Giants' Causeway. 'Trying to get a few pix up to flickr and facebook this week.

Textual Healer said...

When I was a teenager I knew a lot of young lads from Portrush who came to London to avoid 'the troubles' (aka your more recent post). They told me how beautiful Portrush was and I always hoped I might visit there one day. Alas not yet.

Dave Hampton said...

If you like walking along the cliffs and hill, it seems like a wonderful spot. The villages are not generally much to see (I visited three), although the murals in Derry were good (interesting contrast with those in Belfast). The shorelines and countryside are very green and open, though.