Monday, January 10, 2011

Dutch light on a winter morning

DSC02120I had to get up early this morning, headed across town to an 8 am appointment ahead of the workday.  A cold front blew in overnight, spreading a heavy frost across the city, leaving the air clear and the ground white.  Bicycles were skidding on the roads, so I elected to walk to my meeting, along the river and over the High Bridge.  The sun rose low and yellow, infusing the river and the city with some of that famous Dutch Light.

It’s hard to capture in photos, but I walk a little slower and take it all in, even on a frosty morning.

DSC02123 DSC02114DSC02116 DSC02119


johnybravo said...

Woah, love your pictures!!! Really nice glance at the most beautiful moment a day. :)

I hope to see that in about a month in half. Thanks for sharing!

Future Expat in A'dam

Dave Hampton said...

Many thanks for your note, and good luck with your move to Amsterdam!
Have you considered starting an online journal, whether a blog or something simpler like Tumblr, to share and record thoughts and pictures from your upcoming adventure?
And do keep in touch as you get settle - the various expat bloggers have a lot of information and experience that can help to get things off on the right foot here.