Sunday, January 23, 2011

Waiting and going

Familiar to every cyclist in the Netherlands, these ‘Wait” signs guard every treacherous street crossing.  Once the crossing button is pushed, the lights count down the time until it’s safe to cross.  They don’t change in a regular fashion, but speed up and slow down the countdown based on moment-to-moment changes in traffic conditions.

I’m feeling a bit this way with trying to get these business deals closed this month.

I came back from the holidays with a determination to move both the fundraising and the acquisition activity to a close in January.  Events have moved at their own pace, though: some days the light is green and fast progress is possible; other days the Wacht signal is lit, and there’s nothing to do but wait for favorable conditions.

Time, though, has it’s cost: fixed overhead for housing, transportation, and communications.  It becomes a race for revenue against dwindling resources.

There have been days that it feels hopeless, immediately followed by days when things feel finished.  This back-and-forth is hard; I tend to be a person who puts the gears into Forward and presses the gas.  It’s a very human process, though, and one that just takes patience.

And Wacht-ing.

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