Monday, February 7, 2011

Homeward bound

homeward boundNo, not me, but there’s been a lot of transitions within the local expat community the past month or so.  I went through my feed-reader this evening and at least 4 or five expat-Dutch bloggers have repatriated over the holidays, while an equal number have gone dormant since late 2010.  This includes a number of folks who I’ve followed for a long time and who always gave valuable local advice; I’m sorry to see them moving on and wish them well.

The expat community is, by definition, a transient one, where change is the norm and “home” is a state of mind.  I’ll look forward to finding the new voices that come along, and to following the continuing adventures of those who remain.


Textual Healer said...

I gave it some serious thought this Christmas.... at least for a sabbatical - but I came back with a determination to try harder (with things like the language) and my busier life is (at least partly) responsible for a decline on blogging frequency.

Dave Hampton said...

Hi, Nick - I think we all slow down over the holidays, this is actually an outward migration. Touch of Dutch, Canadian in Clogs, and others have returned home. Another half-dozen havent posted in months or have said that they will no longer be writing.

I don't remember so many falling away over the holidays before. I do wonder about the why and whereto.

Of course, a lot of familiar faces remain (Jules, you, Stu, Amanda, Flamingo, Asp, Tiffany, Harry), so there's aways news to catch up with over coffee.