Saturday, February 26, 2011

Up the Atomium

Expo 1958 in Brussels looked to the future with optimism and curiosity.  What would technology make possible; what could man become?  It was the first major fair after World War II, and countries from all over the world came to the 500 acre site to build Frank Lloyd Wright steel-and-glass box buildings and to fill them with their best works.

At the center of it all was the Atomium, nine spheres connected to mimic an iron crystal, and, today, the most visited tourist attraction in Brussels. It’s absolutely striking on approach, a gleaming sculpture highlighted against dramatic dark clouds.  Refurbished within the last ten years, the interiors feel fresh and up-to-date, highlighting the fair and exploring the implications of cosmology.  The top-most “Observation” sphere needs visual guides to the landscapes (the City Hall was nowhere to be seen among buildings crowding the horizon),and parking is very difficult, but these are minor omissions.

‘well worth a visit if you are in the city with a couple of hours to enjoy the exhibits and views.



Usual Disclaimers: I was not asked to write this review: I paid my own way and these are my own opinions and pictures.

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