Monday, April 11, 2011

Back in the Netherlands

Our first Board Meeting, a crush of last minute phone calls, a quick trip down to Stansted Airport – and a 4 pm EasyJet back to the Low Countries.   Simon Calder wrote about the six degrees of Stansted Security Hell over the weekend; I arrived to find that they had actually made it worse.

New machines automatically circulate and dispense security trays, and the staff asks everyone ti wait in line before calling them forward one at a time to place belongings in the tray.  People have to be individually instructed to take off shoes, belts, and show liquids and laptops before the next can be called  forward, slowing lines by 1/3.  It’s maddening and pointless.

Otherwise, it was a smooth flight and train ride back down to Maastricht.  It’s been a few weeks since I was last here, the apartment is intact, the Stone Bridge is under repair, and Maastricht is looking a little tired after a long winter.

Still, a little shopping, some TLC for the plants, an hour clearing mail, and a biertje at the local makes for a nice bit of familiar nesting.  No word from the Dutch Language test, otherwise, things seem to be under control.  And my parents sent a box of Cheez-Its for my birthday, surviving both the journey and the wait intact. 

Life is good.

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